The Owl and Serpent was born from a curiosity of esoteric thought and how the principles can be applied to creative work.


Esoteric thought can be a powerful tool for any creative. The Owl and the Serpent was designed to promote discussion of various ideas, from many disciplines, with a focus on providing practical benefits.


About Bryan Hill

Bryan Hill is a screenwriter, photographer, tv writer, and director. He is known for his work on the DC show TITANS and for his work in comics, most notably his outings on DETECTIVE COMICS, POSTAL, AMERICAN CARNAGE, and KILLMONGER.

His writing is infused with esoteric principles, which can also be found in his photography and music.

He lives and works in Los Angeles.


About Evelyn Bertrand

Evelyn Bertrand is a photographer and storyteller. She specializes in horror and thriller stories, focusing on complex women characters and magic realism in the worlds she creates.

Her interests in the esoteric have pushed her to use her knowledge to build stories based on principles that are both empowering and mind-opening.

She lives and works in Los Angeles.